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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #Videssence, discussing content, UI/UX usability issues, Web Presence Optimization, and good practice guidelines.

Videssence llc. is based in El Monte, California and operations dates back to 1980. The company was registered in 2000 by CEO Toni Swarens. Videssence manufactures powerful, energy efficient LED and Fluorescent broadcast lighting fixtures and kits for HDTV, Studio, ENG, Film, Distance Learning, Corporate Video Conference and Personal Broadcasting applications. Videssence products are proudly manufactured in the United States and offer a variety of fixed and portable lighting fixtures that can be purchased individually or packaged as part of a full lighting system. About 70 products are available on special orders in outlets like B&H online distributors.

1- Website Review Summary:

The domain was registered in September 2000. The current outdated design dates back to January 2010. The domain is actually secured with https and uses php page structure. The homepage footer is outdated and features social media links to non active Facebook, Twitter, Youtube  accounts. The Linkedin page is existing and not kept active. The News and Events section is empty. Dealer search tool is working well. The installation section has the message “You need to upgrade your Flash Player” as it is not supported anymore.

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

100/100 Performance – 58/100 Accessibility – 83/100 Best Practices – 82/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 493ms – Total Blocking Time 0ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0

3- Points for Improvement:

Total Page Size: 86.1KB. The current site contains flash plugin content and as it is not supported the site needs to be redone completely. As expected the current design is very low resolution and although it loads fast it needs to follow current recommendations and guidelines in order to be indexed and appear in Google Search results.

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