How-To Instructions

Following years of experience in the field of website design, web development, and search engine optimization, our team has found the need for professionals like you to have access to a platform to simplify the process of having a presence on the web and promote their business.

Nimtsa platform provides the latest in web design for a responsive website on all devices, as well as keeping the human touch with experts a call away to provide support when needed.

A new website built with the latest software is a must in today’s internet following years of evolving solutions, and with faster internet access, and with mobile market penetration. As Google criteria for search results page is changing every single day, your website need to remain up to date at all times.

The following provides you with the step by step process of our platform.

Call us or SMS/Whatsapp us at 054 944 4483 or Email us at

Either by Phone or in Person we will set a time to speak and go over your needs and the type of website plan and services you will need for your business. We will also discuss the domain name you either already have and wish to keep, or decide on a new domain you wish to register. We will help you decide on a relevant and available domain name.

Following our discussion, within a day we will provide you with a written quote by email according to your requirements.

Once you go over the quote we sent you, we would welcome any comment or explanation, if needed on the provided quote to clarify with you any question you may have.
In order to proceed, you will be required to access the Website Content Form link provided, to fill up your information and proceed with payment.

Following the link provided in our confirmation email, you will get to the Website Content Form which includes all the information needed for us to build all the pages of your website. It is understood that some information you might not have handy or ready, just put a mention in the description in the form and we will know that you will be providing by email your information when available.

In the confirmation email you will also find our Bank information for your monthly payment. Once we receive your form fully filled up with all the information you have available you will proceed with your first month payment as per provided Quote.

Once we confirm your first monthly payment and your Website Content Form we will create and email you your account username with login access to your website.

Once we have received all your content, pictures and information, and within 10 days we have built all the pages of your website we will contact you. Within a couple of days following reception of email, you will be able to email a ‘Touch Up Email’ to us with your overall comments for touch ups on the content of your website. Please note that unless you have requested additional services for design change we only provide one final update to your website following our corrections listed in your ‘Touch Up Email’. In ‘changes’ we mean picture change, text editing, or contact info update.

Your website is up and live. Feel free to speak with us for additional support services in search engine optimization guidance. Suggestions on social media and guidelines on getting your blog going for increase local organic traffic to your new website.