nimtsa is a team of web designers and SEO experts with 20 years experience in Google algorithm and various website design platforms. Current customers are some of the largest online based businesses and corporations in various fields.

nimtsa is a one stop shop Website Services Provider, providing Hosting, Design, and Support services. A complete website design solution platform for Professionals, Businesses, and Enterprises.

nimtsa has launched this new decade on January 1st 2020. Based in Jerusalem we aim to serve the local market needs, Israel Nationwide, and Overseas for clients in USA, Canada and Europe.

Depending on the size of your company and requirements nimtsa offers 3 website plans packages to choose from. Any specifics can be customized to your needs of course. Once you have chosen your plan, read more about all the steps, see our page How-To.

nimtsa core team members are seasoned media professionals in business, technology, and medical field startups so we understand the need for low early stage costs. nimtsa believes in long term partnerships with our clients and provides all required work up-front with no large entry fees ever.

The monthly cost to you for a nimtsa Professional Package Website is 57$ usd plus 17% VAT tax, an official receipt will be issued to you, as we are a registered company in Israel and follow local tax rules. There is no other cost to you, see in the website plans page for all includes. As well additional services can provide you with more specific needs.

Once we receive your Website Content Form filled up with all the information you have in hand, we will start registering your domain and building your website. Within 10 days, we will send you the link to review your new website.
Once you email back to us your comments for touch-ups, and additional content you have available, we will update the changes within a week of receiving those changes and your website will be live online. Any additional changes can be done with additional fees, see our web support page for fees.
Note: As per Google guidelines it is not recommended to leave an incomplete website online for taking the risk of ranking penalties, we strongly advise to provide all content on time.

As per our client Terms and Conditions your subscription can be cancelled at any times. Once you email us a written request for termination of services your account will be closed at the end of the following month from the date of your request email.
Meaning we only require one month paid subscription as an administrative period. No other costs will be charged to you.

If you wish to terminate your subscription with nimtsa, your domain name remains yours and we will forward your name registration to the hosting services of your choice.
If you wish not to keep your domain name, it will become available for purchase to anyone once we close your account. In regards to the website source files you will be able to email us a request for a quote.

Once your website is ready, live, and online you can create social media accounts to start promoting your site articles in your blog. We will provide you with access to your site so you can upload articles. Feel free to consult our web support page for additional services. As for us to keep your site active we would provide you with a quote for your needs.

As we are based in Jerusalem and provide local support to our local customers, we provide support nationwide anywhere in Israel. Of course our service is available in any country mainly USA, Canada, and Europe, as we accept online secured credit card payment processing via Paypal.

In our consultation with you to assess your needs and requirements we will decide on your particular market and set which language would be relevant to your business. Languages are original content and not automatic Google translate, for instance the languages are; Hebrew, English, French, Russian, and Spanish, or any other language can be done given we are provided with the content already translated.

On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis we are updating all security certificates, software, and plugins used to create your website. In addition depending on your package, we would do a weekly or monthly update for minor changes in the content of your website, or an article addition to your blog if you choose not to access your website to do so. Any additional structural change, ie adding pages or design etc.., this would require additional fees, see our Web Support page for details.

We will make sure that your website remains cross platform compatible, so as soon as there is a browser (any browser on every platform) update we will make sure your website is upgraded to the latest changes to remain functional at all times.

As per our assessment of your needs prior to creating your website, we would discuss and confirm with you that you will have access to your website in order to add articles on your blog or if you wish to have access to some pages for updates. Of course we would always be available for any change you wish to have on your website.

Yes. At any time you will be able to add articles to your website. We actually recommend you do on a regular basis as your website visitors see you have an active website, more importantly Google will give credibility to your site as it sees it is active.