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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #ProcoSound, discussing content, UI/UX usability issues, Web Presence Optimization, and good practice guidelines.

ProcoSound is one of four subsidiary brands of ACT. ACT Lighting Inc. was registered in June 1993 by Benjamin Lucas Saltzman, the CEO.  RHC Holding Corporation founded: 1990 with Parent organization: A.C.T Lighting, Inc. Subsidiaries: Pro Co Sound, Horizon Music, Inc. Lava Cable, LLC. ACT Entertainment, headquartered in Jackson Missouri, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of industry leading brands of audio, video, and lighting products, services, and education. Ben Saltzman is the CEO of ACT Lighting, North America’s leading distributor of entertainment technology products with top brands that include MA Lighting, Ayrton, ChainMaster, Robert Juliat and custom cable assemblies and solutions from RapcoHorizon, ProCo and RoadHog used in the concert touring, theatrical, and architectural industries. With decades of industry experience, Ben joined ACT Lighting in 2007, and successfully led a management buyout of the company’s founder in 2014. From a dedicated team of thirty-two in 2014, ACT, through multiple acquisitions, has grown to over six hundred employees in nine locations across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

1- Website Review Summary:

As all four brands use basically the same site structure except for, domain name was registered in December 1996. The site is protected with https encryption. Although the site is based on an outdated e-commerce site, it is cross platform compatible and mobile ready. The current site design dates back to 2019. Social media links to company accounts are present on the homepage, the accounts are not active. The news page has several broken links. The about page provides information on the company but no reference is made to the mother company ACT. 

The support page contains all emails with ACT domain name. Similarly all contact forms seem to be configured with the same template. As the main domain does not have a about page there is no information confirming the common operator of all brands. 

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

40/100 Performance – 89/100 Accessibility – 92/100 Best Practices – 83/100 SEO

Time to Interactive: 4.8 s

GTMetrix Desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 1.2s – Total Blocking Time 324ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.44

3- Points for Improvement:

Total Page Size: 7.50MB. 5 images are over 100kb to be optimized, as one image is 4.82MB!. As the e-commerce based site has been done relatively recently the structure lacks optimization and design workflow to improve UI and UX. The same would be suggested to other subsidiaries in order to get a sense of main products reviews, new releases and latest product launch as currently it has the look and feel of a product index site.

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