Keyword as First Word in Your Website Domain Name

3 Keyword as First Word in Your Website Domain Name


A domain name with a primary keyword as discussed in previous posts has been an advantage but not anymore. Of course an authoritative site with a primary keyword in TLD top level domain name would rank high. As always no one criteria makes a website trustworthy. 

Primary keywords length had some edge in early SEO, with long strings and dashes separating words. On a marketing aspect promoting a short brand name is easier to find and remember than Furthermore to avoid registering all domain names of all possible variations to try guessing the query is pointless as Google understood for a long time these black hat practices.

What is Mobile-First-Indexing ?

Google plans to put in place its Mobile-First-Indexing this fall. Covid-19 is causing delays and September may not be the month for the launch as announced before.

We come to learn that “no click” or “zero-click” SERP searches makes domain names even less relevant than in the past when visitors would actually need to type the domain name.

Mobile first indexing plans only indicates that the actual domain name is less relevant than ever. As most browsing happens on a mobile, the actual domain name becomes less of a concern as it is unlikely that anyone would type a long string domain name containing keywords. 

What are “no-click” “zero-click” searches ?

Google snippets and “People also ask” in page results have improved over time and visitors don’t even need to click and get into a site to get the answer they are looking for.

There is platoria of statistics showing the CTR (click through rates) and bouncing rates. 

The big debate amongst SEOs in regards to lost traffic caused by no-click result pages, is far from over. The bottom line is that browser’s analytics do provide Google insight on behaviour.

Hence although a visitor is not entering a site, I would argue the site may still gain authority in the eyes of Google.

Google main focus is to provide the most accurate result for a query. If a snippet displayed by Google is read it would indicate an accurate result. Even more so if the displayed result snippet is followed by a click to the source, therefore confirms the accuracy of the result as the visitor found the answer to a query.

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