Website Domain Name Registration Length

4 Website Domain Name Registration Length

There are a large number of other SEO criteria that are taken into account in referencing a site: content is very important, load time, activity, quality links, and amongst them there is the domain name. The question on duration of registration of a domain name may have an impact in the referencing of a site. The issue has been debated over many years and opinions differ.

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Some believe that registration has no positive effect. Logically Google would have much more confidence in a site whose domain name is registered over several years. Possibly less for those who practice annual renewal.

The myths of SEO are many, and among them, that of the duration of registration of a domain name has had a hard tooth for many years. If it seems admitted to specialists that this does not change anything in terms of SEO, it still happens that the question comes back. John Mueller, spokesperson for Google, once again reminded on Twitter that this is in no way a criteria for positioning in SEO.

When we subscribe to a domain name registration via a registrar (often directly with a host, in an underlying way), we are asked how long we want to commit to. The duration of “rental” of the domain name goes from 1 year to 3 years on average. Many web hosts have implied that this duration could impact SEO positioning, claiming that being hired longer shows search engines that a history is going to be built. Mysteriously, many SEOs have taken up this idea and it has become a myth always contradicted by Matt Cutts in his time at Google and others.

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Google take on domain registration date

John Mueller therefore took up this idea, and even if Google is a registrar, this does not allow it to access all the entry data of other registrars, and therefore to benefit from it if this should be the case. “As far as I know, most registrars do not indicate the duration of registration. That’s why you shouldn’t spend your SEO time on it.”

If Google’s spokesperson has been less verbose than Matt Cutts on this subject in earlier days, he reiterates the idea that the duration of registration has no consequence in SEO and that one should not lose time with that.