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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #Denecke, discussing content, UI/UX usability issues, Web Presence Optimization, and good practice guidelines.

As per Denecke’s own logo representing the caricature of the late company founder, Mike Denecke, often referred to as “Father Time” the company Denecke Incorporated was registered in May 1975 by Charles Parra. Charlie Para has been the current owner and president since 2000 following Mike Denecke’s sudden passing. Denecke Inc. is the leader and the industry standard for electronic Timecode Slates, as well as a manufacturer of an entire line of Dcode Timecode Equipment, Time Code Readers, Time Code Generators, Audio Accessories, and a line of Cine Sync Equipment. The company is based in LA Valencia, California. Denecke product line comprises about 30 SKUs and can be purchased in major online distributors like B&H in NYC and in 14 states.

1- Website Review Summary:

The domain was registered in Sept 1998. The current design dates back to 2013. The site is not secured and should have https encryption, and is not browser responsive nor mobile ready. The homepage provides links to all social media active accounts except for the inactive Linkedin page and Youtube channel. The Google My Business profile is correct but the account is not claimed. As the site is outdated it does not contain a favicon. The site does have Warranty information, a Sitemap and Privacy Policy pages but does not have a ‘Terms and Conditions’ page. The product brochures and documentation pdfs are well laid out, and should be updated as some document dates back to 2001. The latest ‘News’ post was added in 2018. An internal page search shows that the current website has 20 internal pages and 45 pdfs links. Searching for the keyword “Timecode slate” paid advertising by and link to B&H photo comes first in results, shows first only at the bottom of the second Google result page. The Denecke free TimeCode ToolBox app was last updated in 2017 and is designed to Read & Generate LTC timecode using your mobile iDevice running iOS (android not available).

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

45/100 Performance – 61/100 Accessibility – 62/100 Best Practices – 50/100 SEO

Time to Interactive: 10.4 s

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 1.0s – Total Blocking Time 0ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.19

3- Points for Improvement:

Total Page Size – 1.37MB.  There is no meta description, and the source code has 37 unsecured http requests. Image elements have no alt attributes. Youtube embedded video on the homepage adds a 538kb javascript. Keeping the site updated regularly would help greatly optimize for better Google results. As social media accounts are regularly active, posts should also point to the site itself to keep it active.

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