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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #AViPAS, discussing content, UI/UX usability issues, Web Presence Optimization, and good practice guidelines.

AViPAS Inc. was founded in 2014 by Guobin Zhu and the company is based in Santa Clara, California.  The company is focused on providing innovative technology for professionals in the fields of audio-visual conferencing, security, education, and broadcasting. Specializing in designing and distributing cutting-edge HD PTZ conference camera, encoder, decoder, storage, switch, matrix and multi-viewers.

The mother company, led by the same owner is ​​SWIT ELECTRONICS America, Inc which provides a larger selection of audiovisual products. SWIT Electronics Co., Ltd. has offices in the US, in China and in Germany. SWIT has more than 40 patents licensed domestically and abroad. Over the years, SWIT has gained a great reputation worldwide for its outstanding and innovative products. Currently AViPAS has about 50 products in various online distributor outlets.

1- Website Review Summary:

The domain name was registered in January 2014, the latest design dates back to 2020. As it appears it has been updated with an older platform which shows some design issues on the homepage header.

The site is secured with https, it has canonical links,  it is mobile ready and not cross platform responsive. Built around an e-commerce shopping platform, the search functionality uses google search to display results. The newsletter page has some links but does not seem to be updated. The Price list PDFs are mainly updated. The social media links are present and seem not very active. Team and company profile is almost non-existent in Linkedin. The site has 62 inner pages. Lastly, it the company’s Google My Business is not kept active.

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

26/100 Performance – 91/100 Accessibility – 92/100 Best Practices – 76/100 SEO

Time to Interactive: 18.5 s

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 340ms – Total Blocking Time 0ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0

3- Points for Improvement:

Total Page Size: 443KB. As expected since the main structure has very few elements, it does load fast on the desktop but lacks all latest structure requirements. It would be best to redo the structure and pages to follow recent guidelines as the document does not have a meta description, as well as some links do not have descriptive text. PTZ PoE HD cameras are very popular and the company would gain in promoting via social media and Youtube videos functionalities and product reviews.

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