Dot Com: Now is the time to Register Your New Website Domain Name

1 Now is the time to Register Your New Website Domain Name

Sounds like an obvious thing to say or do, as most if not all companies at time of launch understand the need to have a website, as for the past 20 years, it has been like a given, if you don’t have a website you don’t exist. 


The subject of Google giving authority to a domain (the TLD Top Level Domain) hence a website, has been a very heated debate amongst SEOs and actually remains a myth.

Giving thoughts of the importance of a website’s age (date of domain registration in DNS Domain Name Registration). Some have even argued that the length of registration i.e expiration-date may be a sign that the company may not give long term importance to its own domain. This is not proven and although Google does track domain’s historical data, Google has often stated that the domain expiration-date information is not a factor for ranking in search results.


It is advisable when choosing a domain name, that it was never used or the least to see that the previous owner of the domain is not blacklisted by Google for various reasons, as well as having shady backlinks which still remain and still point to the domain name.


The privacy concerns for personal/company profile providers, and social media platforms have reached all levels of government authorities in the US/Canada and with GDPR in most European countries. Hence the growing trend for anyone to register its own domain name and give access to the website the same way a person does with its own phone number.

This would keep you away from having your own information used and sold to advertisers and more.. You would also avoid being locked in any specific social media platform. Either to use its own domain as a personal profile or blog, and with managed access to provide a way to remain connected to friends, family, and colleagues, without being captive to any platform which makes use of personal data.


The importance of choosing the correct .com domain name is paramount for your company’s branding. Name length, simplicity, relevance are all important criteria. Although the registration date and expiration-date of the domain may not affect Google’s or other search engines ranking, the past history of the domain if any, is very important for Google E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

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