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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #Porta-Jib, discussing content, usability issues and Web Presence Optimization good practice guidelines.

Founded in 1981 by Scott Losmandy, president at Hollywood General Machining, Inc. based in Burbank California with registered trademarks Losmandy Astronomical Products and Porta-Jib Arms and Tripods. It is safe to say the whole film and broadcast industry knows of Porta-Jib as leaders for many years. Experts in Jib Arms, Tripods, Dollies, Tracks and accessories for most if not all cameras, fluid heads, and monitors brands in the industry. Mark Schweickart is leading sales at Porta-Jib, he is the expert and provides technical support with easy how-to tutorials and articles.

1- SEO Audit Summary:

The current website structure was last updated in January 2010. The latest price list updated in April 2019. Of course, there is no question the site needs to be completely redone to the latest guidelines and standards. This analysis is the occasion to discuss and cover basic reasons for such an outdated site to be redone.

Although the company’s line of products is readily available in very large outlets and global online e-commerce stores. Visitors will want to search and learn more about the company itself even if the distributor has all the technical information, manuals and references. The online image of the company is as important as its reputation even with an established brand like Porta-Jib.

First and foremost the site should be secured with ‘https’ and must be mobile friendly for Mobile First Indexing as per latest Google guidelines. As it links to and its store both should be secured as well.

Latest articles and Industry news should be added regularly on the site the last blog post was Feb 2015, as well as regular testimonials to show Google it is not a static site. It is a good practice in order to improve and optimize the customer experience that the footer includes sitemap, terms and conditions as well as privacy policy pages. Domain search shows 236 internal URLs. Internal search functionality is using the Zoom Search Engine to display search results.

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

88/100 Performance – 68/100 Accessibility – 69/100 Best Practices – 62/100 SEO

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 1.2s – Total Blocking Time 9ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.06

3 – Points for improvement:

The load size of the site is 1.40MB.

The site is of course not mobile friendly and not responsive to different browser sizes. Google My Business profile shows the company name but is not currently claimed. Social Media links are present but accounts are inactive, a link to the Linkedin company page should be added.

4 – Final thoughts:

Although the products listed are available for purchase with links to current online e-commerce stores, it is very important that all potential transactions be secured to avoid very high risk of hacking and data breach. It appears that this particular has broken links as well, for instance the contact page link goes to the logout prompt. Potential customers will unlikely proceed with purchasing via such a platform.

It is recommended to centralize all content within the same domain, blog posts should not be redirected to external blogpost sites. Search results should not be redirected to external search engine page results. Purchasing products online should remain within the domain or subdomain. Distributors and dealers information should be, as it is now, well listed with all contact information. Training and Demo videos should ideally also be integrated into the site to keep visitors on and avoid higher bounce rate. Videos should be played on the site and not downloadable, ideally on the company’s Youtube channel.

Lastly, it would be recommended to add white papers and instructional articles as ‘silo’ content for SEO purposes. Being a leader in the industry, this valuable content is paramount for learning, educational and instructional for all customers and end users.

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