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Latest SEO audit analysis I did on #Photoflex, discussing content, UI/UX usability issues, Web Presence Optimization, and good practice guidelines.

Eugene Kester is the chief executive officer of Photoflex Inc. a division of PromarkBRANDS Promark International Inc. Photoflex is based near Chicago in Bartlett, Illinois. The company has operated since 1982 and was registered in August 1986. Photoflex is a well-established and widely-respected name in the photo and video industries, Photoflex serves commercial, portrait and location photographers, and videographers. PromarkBRANDS is the manufacturer of brands including Cool-Lux, Dot Line, Logan, Norman, Photogenic, Photoflex, Quantum Instruments, Radiopopper, Smith-Victor, and Speedotron.

1- Website Review Summary:

The domain name was in use since 1996, more recently updated in June 2018 with current structure based on an e-commerce platform. The site contains about 252 SKUs. The footer provides links to social media accounts which are mostly not active. Photoflex has a Linkedin page, not shown in the footer, and the account is inactive. Footer does contain all links to important documentation and support pages. The plugin for the newsletter form is broken. The catalog pdf provided dates back to 2016. Searching functionality for products has a “Show Items” broken filter. For instance searching for “Liteblog’ posts, past page 11 results are broken. The ‘About’ page has a broken graphic under ‘About’ title.

2- Testing:

Lighthouse mobile:

18/100 Performance – 92/100 Accessibility – 83/100 Best Practices – 82/100 SEO

Largest Contentful Paint: 4.8s 

GTMetrix desktop:

Largest Contentful Paint 4.8s – Total Blocking Time 562ms – Cumulative Layout Shift 0.06

3- Points for Improvement:

Total Page Size: 4.34MB. 11 images over 100kb to be optimized. The site does not have a set meta description and shows uncrawlable links. As the structure of the site is somewhat acceptable, optimization would be needed for faster load time. Looking at the mother company’s site additional updates would be needed. As it covers a list of other brands, a short look over shows some improvements needed there as well. For instance no actual team members nor functioning social media links. Various brands use the same platform as Photoflex and found an unsecured site for

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